Baseball move back to No. 1 with win against Falcons

Tamia Vides


On April 4, the Delta College Mustangs jumped from third to first in the league when the team beat Folsom Lake Falcons 11-5.

“We just gotta continue to grind it out, this is a tough conference. You gotta show up everyday ready to play and if you don’t–we get beat…These three game sweeps are hard to come by, but you have to go at them one at a time,” said Head Coach Reed Peters.

This was the game the Mustangs needed in order to succeed in staying NO. 1 in the league. 7

The Mustangs scored four runs within the first few minutes of the first inning.

Vinny Bologna, left fielder, hit a double into deep center, scoring two runs.

Later in the inning, Dillon Tatum, catcher, hit a double scoring a single run, driving in Bologna.

Dario Gomez, center fielder, scored the final RBI of the top of the first, ending the inning with a score of 4-0.

In the second inning, Jimmy McClenaghan, left fielder, had the crowd on its toes, stealing two bases.

Bologna hit another two RBI double, sending McClenaghan and second baseman, Tyson Choreo, home. Taytum scored the final RBI of the second inning , running in Bologna from second base with his deep right field single.

At the top of the fourth, Zach Mathis, short stop, stepped up to the plate as the first batter of the inning, hitting it out of the park with the first and only home run of the game. No more runs were scored by the Mustangs until the top of the seventh inning.

In the seventh Evan Pachero hit a single, followed by a walk from Thomas Greely.

After a timeout was called by Folsom Lake in order to switch pitchers for the third time in the game, Choreo made a triple, scoring a double RBI, running in Pachero and Greely. Mathis scored a single RBI, running in Choreo after Folsom switched out pitchers for the second time in same the inning, ending the inning with a score of 11-1.

The Mustangs ended the game on an amazing catch by left fielder Tatum who threw to second base to turn two on the Falcons and end the game 11-5.