‘Memories’ show packs theater

“Memories” dance performance took place in the Al Muller Studio Theater on April 26. PHOTO BY VIVIENNE AGUILAR
“Memories” dance performance took place in the Al Muller Studio Theater on April 26. PHOTO BY VIVIENNE AGUILAR

On April 25 and 26 the Delta College Arts and Communication Division Dance Department and SDDC/Yameci Dance Company performed “Memories”.

Both nights the Al Muller Studio Theater was full.

“Last night we had to turn away about 15/20 people. Really great turn out and lots of support,” said Artistic Director of the show Lindsey Worley.
Donations were appreciated at the end of the show, because tickets were free. The program asked for the community’s help in raising money for dance students to travel and commune with dance professionals.

The production of 11 separate pieces focused on contemporary dance featuring glowing balls in the darkness and West African/Afro-Caribbean styles.

“Interdependence”, choreographed by Nicole Manker, was one of the West African/Afro-Caribbean style pieces. It focused on “femininity, and just being a woman,” according to Manker. The three dancers portrayed mothers with babies in slings around them as they danced. They depicted scenes of unity and dependence on each other.

A few of the pieces were set to monologues instead of, or accompanied by music. The theme of memories was clear in those performances.
“I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Inside Out, Pixar’s Inside Out. That was my inspiration for it… I was like, you know what- let’s just see what hamster balls do. I got the little fairy lights and it worked out,” said Worley. In the film memories float around the brain in the form of glowing orbs. The music was set to the Bundle of Joy (Inside Out: Original Soundtrack) for the opening dance. 

Dance Professor Valerie Gnassounou has directed the Spring Dance Production for over a decade. “Memories” was the first time Worley directed it. “She just kind of held my hand the whole way and showed me what I needed to do and that’s why it was such a success,” said Worley.

Many people in the audience were there to support the dancers. Others attended for an assignment. Children could be heard whispering about the styles and costumes they had to hone in on for feedback. Some were Delta students required to attend for reaction essays for Dance 29.

“I’m just excited to see the collaboration because I heard it was from Sacramento and Delta,” said returning student Chera Greene, a student of Gnassounou.

More performances can be expected for upcoming semesters. 
The Delta Dance Company asks that attendees of the show leave feedback and memories on their Facebook wall @SJDCDANCE.