Coachella thrives despite media backlash


Every year in the month of April, the popular yet very controversial Coachella Music Festival comes around. 

The festival sparks conversation about being anti-LGBTQ because the founder of the festival, Philip Anschutz, donates money to anti-LGBTQ organizations.

This event held in the Indio desert is the place everyone wants to be at. 

If you aren’t there you’ll see every post on Instagram of the people who did attend. 

Some of the reasons so many people like to go are because of the artists performing and also the fact that a lot of celebrities attend. 

This is always brought up around the time of the festival but the reality is, people are still attending despite what those on social platforms are saying. 

There are many people from LGBTQ community that attend the event every year. 

In reality it no matter how much people complain about the money being donated on social media, Coachella will still have hundreds of attendees.

It’s just a way for people to go listen to some of their favorite artists, enjoy time with friends, and show off their festival ready outfits. Many social media influencers go to promote brands. 

Does this mean that those brands have the same views as Anschutz? 

During the time being, the people who are buying the tickets aren’t thinking about where their money will end up. They just think about the fun they’ll be having at the music festival of the year.

People against Coachella will also go after the people who are attending the festival and the artist performing at it, assuming that they too support anti-LGBTQ organizations. 

The reality is that for the most part that isn’t true at all. 

Not everyone involved has the same ideas as founder Anschutz. 

So next year when Coachella rolls around it won’t be surprising when people flood the Internet with how awful this music festival is, but it also won’t be surprising of how much successful Coachella will get.