CW won’t be the same after ‘Arrow’ ends in October


Oliver Queen. Felicity Smoak. Thea Queen. John Diggle. 
The end may be near for these well-loved characters from CW’s DC universe show “Arrow”, but fans aren’t ready to let go.
“Arrow” is coming to an end, with October’s Season 8 confirmed to be the final season. It will be about 10 episodes according to
“I really like the show and I wish it could be going on for longer,” said Magdalena Guerrero, Delta College student. 
“Arrow” first aired in October 2012 and fans were hooked. The billionaire playboy turned archer vigilante was something somewhat new. The concept of a billionaire playboy turned hero and the archer isn’t new but the brutality Queen demonstrated when being the green hood is. Certain scenes Queen had taken things too far which could compare to  ‘Mortal Kombat’ brutality. 

Queen is far from perfect and has issues, but that drew you in. He is a mysterious figure who made bad decisions left and right but you just wanted to see what happens next. Queen’s love life is almost nonexistent, it’s almost like he was conceived under Amortentia and can’t love. He had cheated on Sara when they were dating and had lied to Felicity on multiple occasions. There is a point in between the seven seasons when you realize that Felicity deserves more than this lying cheater but she brings out the human in him. 
Those seven seasons in the seven years has meant that we have had roughly seven years of Oliver Queen mistaking decisions for the team. Seven years of Felicity Smoak often offering comedic relief with her accidental double entendres.
She is courageous, confident, and quirky, which has definitely made people love her all the more. 
Of course there were other strong female characters in the show like Thea Queen but Smoak was a nerd. Instead of being ashamed of being one she embraced it wholeheartedly without caring what anyone would have to say. 
These characters were the show — but “Arrow” has also been the foundation of the entire CW DC universe. 
“I know it influences  the other shows, it’s a big step because it’s the head of the multiverse …it could free up certain actors so they can go to the other shows maybe become a permanent member,” said Musaid Abdullah, Delta College student.

“Arrow” had more than a minor influence on the other shows. In the pilot episode of “The Flash”, the green hood gives Barry Allen the motivation needed in order to become that hero with the lightning step. “Supergirl” wasn’t built on the “Arrowverse” because it originally aired on a different network, but eventually became part of the CW family.
Though Abdullah had brought up the fact that without “Arrow” the funding for the show could be used on the other DC shows — but it’s not a given it will improve the show.
Another factor to be considered is the change in crossover episodes. Whether it was “Arrow” and “The Flash” or “The Flash” and “Supergirl” the crossovers between the CW shows were legendary — without changing each show’s individual feel.
“For each particular show it still felt like ‘The Flash’ but had a factor of the other shows,” said Abdullah.
How will we go on without the Cisco and Felicity tag team?
The crossovers will change. They could feature certain characters at times but it won’t be the same without Team Arrow.