Search to replace Hart goes into summer


Come fall semester, Delta may know who its next president will be.

Delta President Dr. Kathy Hart announced earlier this semester she will be retiring Sept. 30. The Board of Trustees is currently in the process of looking for her replacement. 

“We want to get someone there before school starts,” said Delta Board of Trustees Member Steve Castellanos.

The deadline for applicants was April 15 and, according to Dr. Jim Riggs whose company, PPL Inc. Pros, was hired for the hiring process, Delta received 34 applicants. 

Of those, 27 met minimum qualifications, Riggs said during the April 23 board meeting. 

According to Delta Board of Trustees President Catherine Mathis, the hiring committee of about 12 people is composed of representatives of different constituent groups at the school and one member of the community.

The hiring committee completed its review and anticipates about 10 to 12 people for first-level interviews, Riggs said. 

First-level interviews will be held May 13 through 15. The interviews will be off-campus to maintain confidentiality. 

Four to six finalists will be forwarded to the board at that point. 

Two days of final interviews and on-campus open forums are to be held the week of June 3. 

All students, faculty and members of community are welcome to attend the forums.

On May 11, the board will have a retreat meeting to finalize the process for selection. 

“We’re looking forward to moving this process along for you and I think we’re going to come away with a fine list for you [the students],” said Dr. Ben Duran, another member of PPL Inc. Pros.

It hasn’t yet been decided when the new president will start, according to Castellanos.

“I can’t say [about overlapping salaries]. It’s subject to negotiation with the new president,” said Castellanos, referring to the possibility of a new president starting before Hart’s retirement date. “I can’t comment on separate negotiations.”

Mathis spoke on the highlights of Harts’ time here at Delta as President/Superintendent.

“She came into her office at a time when things were in disarray and turbulence and she really set the course by making some difficult but important decisions and I think they have been beneficial to the school overall,” said Mathis.