Stockton Sailing Club hosts recruitment event


On April 27, the Stockton Sailing Club hosted an opening-day event. It was an event to recruit new members to join as well as trying to make the club’s  presence known in Stockton.

The event ran from 8 a.m. until about 7 p.m.

The sailing club originated back in 1933 when it was known as the Ionic Sailing Club, named after early Greek Sailors. The organization was created by a group of young men who had a passion for sailing.

Warren Wong, a lifetime member and one founding members of the club, designed the clubhouse back in 1968, and it is still up today.

“What keeps me coming back to this club is definitely the camaraderie around here, the group of friends. Additionally, sailing was just fun even though it was hard to learn at first,” said Grail Gradle.

History is important to the members.

“I started sailing here when I was 21, racing on a 33-foot boat. I’ve never been in a race before, but I just bought a boat and started becoming more passionate about it. I’ve been here for about 36 years now,” said by William “Budge” Humphreys, the club historian.

A strenuous race is hosted by the Stockton Sailing Club in conjunction with the Richmond Yacht Club is the Delta Ditch Run.

The Delta Ditch Run is a famous race that occurs annually in June. The Delta’s 29th annual Ditch Run begins in the San Francisco bay at Richmond and goes up to the delta, finishing at the port of the Stockton Sailing Club.

The race is a downward 65-mile journey that will take sailors anywhere from 24 to approximately 36 hours to complete. For more information you can email

“It’s like running a marathon for sailing. Being able to say you have done it and actually finished it is such an amazing feeling … I’ve always been a sailor, and if you’re a sailor, it’s just what you do. It’s a milestone because of its challenges,” said Humphreys, who is no stranger to the race.