Endgame brings decade-long journey to close


Marvel has finally wrapped up their 11-year long build up of movies to Avengers: Endgame, a movie so impactful on our culture that you’re probably worried about the movie being spoiled right here (it won’t be spoiled here don’t worry).

Endgame doesn’t really compare to other movies, since what Marvel’s cinematic universe has accomplished has never and probably will never be replicated in movies ever again.

One of the big questions about Endgame is whether you need to be all caught up on the MCU and the answer is, not really.

There are a couple of highlights that you definitely need to see, such as all the Avengers movies and the first Captain America and Iron Man movies. However other than those movies, the rest of the heroes motivations can be inferred from Endgame alone.

The movie — satisfyingly — felt like I was finally given a conclusion in a Marvel movie, something that I have yet to feel in any of the previous installments of the Avengers.

There are comedic moments, sad moments, action packed moments just like any other Marvel movie, but Endgame is different in that it also has a conclusion.

Doctor Strange didn’t lie to us in Infinity War, this was the endgame not only for the Avengers movies but for the MCU as a whole.

Every character has their moment that completes their story and gives the long journey they’ve had throughout the MCU much deeper meaning.
Whether you enjoy Endgame will depend greatly on how you view the MCU in general and how you feel about it coming to an end.

Dedicated fans who watched every movie and every television show will find that there dedication has paid off in a way that no other movie has ever done before.

Casual Marvel fans might just see Endgame as another Avengers movie that they will see, enjoy and then never think about again.

Above all, that’s the most impressive part about Avengers: Endgame, the movie felt like it was not just made for me, but for everyone.

Whether you’re a hardcore movie fan, hardcore comic fan or just a casual fan of the superhero genre, you will find something in this movie that makes you want to cheer out loud in the theater.

Avengers: Endgame is an emotional three hour long movie that will leave you with a sense of finality and joy that I’m not sure any movie will ever be able to replicate.
Whatever Marvel has planned for the next phase of the MCU, I can only hope it will be half as good as the build up to Endgame was.