Student vendors promote up-and-coming businesses at market

Shoe designer Deshon Laimont at the Pop-Up Market: Student Entrepreneurship Expo on April 23 at Delta College. PHOTO BY AMIRAH AMENHOTEP

On April 23, SJDC Business and Marketing held a pop-up entrepreneur fair for students on campus to attempt to get their businesses’ names out and to give them experience selling their product. 

Many different new businesses  gathered in Dolores Huerta plaza to sell products ranging from soaps, essence oils, calligraphy and house made jewelry. 

“I wanted to promote my business to get to know the students a little bit more and getting to know other small businesses with other people my age,” said Delta student Laura Rodriguez. 

In some cases, many businesses start out as a hobby or a interest in something that wasn’t there before. Many students described their product as starting off as a hobby that they ha

“I wanted to promote my business that’s why especially since I started out two years ago in 2017 and I wanted to expand on that business. I also wanted to try and create a hobby and try to actually use that hobby to do something for myself today,” said Delta student Nevin Francis. Francis’s business is selling soaps.

Canopies filled with students hoping to get their name and product out, many of course had business cards and a lot had merchandise to sell for profit. 

“I got the opportunity from a friend she told me about it because she knew I made journals, books and jewelry. I’m not really a business-oriented person. I just like to make jewelry in my free time,” said Delta student Isaiah Merriweather.

This experience was a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs and upcoming business owners to know how to sell their products and know what to bring or expect. 

“Being prepared next time, probably business cards having more props or seeing how I can I set up,” said Rodriguez.