Mustangs take win against Pirates


On April 26, the Mustangs won an 8-2 game against the Modesto Junior College Pirates.

The team had a very strong beginning with Zack Mathis scoring a home run early on in the first inning, setting the team up for victory.

The team worked hard on to get runs as well as preventing the Pirates from getting hits in.  In the end, the Mustangs scored nine runs while the Pirates scored two.

The Mustangs were able to pull this off through pitcher Noah Denoyer and catcher Joey Morris’ teamwork, preventing the other team from scoring runs.

Morris shone especially when he was able to catch the ball right before Modesto’s Pirates could make a full home run.

Vinny Bologna secured a home run for the team in the eighth inning of the game when he knocked the ball right out of the ballpark.

Bologna also intercepted the Pirate’s ball out on left field when it was their turn at the bat, giving the Mustangs a large advantage.

Out of the forty games in the season, Delta has only lost seven of them and is currently ranked number one in the SIA Baseball Top 20.

There are only three games left in the season.

The next one is scheduled for May 3.