IT Chapter 2


Basically “Killer Klown from Outer Space” — except it’s only one clown.

I wondered where It came from but to say he came from space was weird because of how unrealistic it was but it was somewhat true to the book I guess. 

But still, why couldn’t he be a demon, or come from another dimension instead of making him some space alien slash clown?

“It Chapter 2” brings the Losers back together for the final showdown, but it’s not all laughs and giggles … unless you count Pennywise’s hacking laugh.

We see flashbacks into their lives which gains more background on the characters as they try to regain their memories about Derry, but the jaunt down memory lane dragged on more than necessary. 

Stanley is basically a forgotten part of the group that doesn’t seem missed, except by Richie. 

Is this group even really friends?

“It Chapter 2” was not up to par because it seemed to drag on with no actual fuel to keep the suspense and horror running.

There are emotionally parts that are ignored, like a character being gay but that doesn’t really get addressed, I know it’s the 80s and being gay was bad, however, shouldn’t they have at least came out to friends?

The only thing that saved this movie was its super cool jump scares that you know are going to happen but still make you flinch or jump otherwise.

The rating for this movie is a 6 out of 10 for me personally due to the fact that horror isn’t just about the jump scares but more about the build up which unfortunately fell short.