Seth Rogan comedy brings adult humor, satire to the world of tweens


“Good Boys” is an adventure comedy about tween boys Max, Lucas, and Thor risking everything to attend their first kissing party. It is produced by Seth Rogen. It opened in theaters on Aug. 16.

Like “The Goonies,” or “Bad News Bears,” this movie has the perfect comedy formula. The film centers around three sixth-grade boys (Max, Lucas, and Thor) in today’s world. It is topical to our time, but never loses the authentic feeling of being a 12-year-old. We’re talking parental control, puberty and unlimited motivation for trying new things before other kids.  

The movie is rated R, and features child actors as self-proclaimed tweens with access to smartphones, drones and Molly, the drug. All of these mixed together create the movie’s wild adventure. 

“Good Boys” catches the years we all spent figuring ourselves out, and makes you nostalgic over those cringy memories. 

Losing childhood friends is on aspect creators used to punch the audience in the “feels.” 

“Good Boys” focuses on first best friendships, the ones your environment pushes you into. I think this was achieved so well it can send a grown man into hysterical crying from sadness, as well as laughter. There’s something about watching boys stumble into adult situations that puts you into your deepest memories.

Discovering your personality and interests is another topic addressed. This goes hand in hand with losing your first BFFs. As moviegoers watch characters struggle with accepting individuality, they’re prompted to recall their time in the hot seat. For some this may be enjoyable, for others, maybe they’ll just have to relive all of their worst memories of trying to be someone they’re not. No matter who you are, “Good Boys” will leave you nostalgic. 

Letting yourself grow up is the last lesson the film leaves you with. This wraps the movie up with a perfect bow. If nothing else in satisfies the you, the ending will. 

Although this movie is wants to make you laugh, it has the ability to disrupt your psyche and make you remember a time you never really wanted to.