DJ workshop mixes it up

RTV lab Tech Brittany Marquez demonstrates DJ software for students.

Hip-hop and EDM beats filled the RTV lab on Monday Sept. 23, as lab tech Brittany Marquez hosted a workshop teaching people how to DJ.

Marquez used the Radio DJ software and a soundboard to create music mixes, which she showed attendees how to use.

Workshops like this are hosted about once a month and are free and open to the public.

“By me putting on these workshops I hope that people come here and kind of get exposure to Delta College and the things that we have going on,” said Marquez. “You don’t actually have to be a Delta student to take these workshops, so it might be something that triggers a new hobby for somebody.”

Students and community members who attended this workshop took home some valuable skills and knowledge about the art of DJing. 

“I really like how she [Brittany] really went in depth about the system. I don’t necessarily have any background knowledge on DJing, but it was a great experience and a good opportunity,” said student Jalen Hodges.

Those who are interested can also look forward to other upcoming workshops to be hosted in RTV such as: “How to Record Instruments” on Oct. 21 at 2pm and ”Adobe After Effects” on Nov. 18 at 2 p.m.

“We’ve had people contact us from outside of Stockton even so it’s not just necessarily here on campus,” said Marquez. “Anybody and everybody is welcome.”