First ever vegan pop up emerges in Stockton


Veganism is a way of living by eliminating animal products in food, clothing or for any other purpose. 

But being vegan doesn’t have to be boring, and Bibi Garcia-Binder’s goal is to bring awareness to the Stockton community that vegan food can be just as good as regular food.

Bibi decided to “bring something to Stockton that is not available right now.”

Vegan food pop ups.

Adobo braised jackfruit, steamed buns, and spicy adobo. By Rice Queen Social Club.

For the first ever vegan food pop up in Stockton, Bibi collaborated with four food vendors who either specialize or provide vegan food options to let the Stockton community try:

  • Petunia’s Vegan Kitchen – Mexican Inspired 
  • Rice Queen Social Club – Filipino-American Fusion
  • Olivier’s Vegan Bakery – Fancy Vegan Cupcakes 
  • Sister’s Delectable Creations – Vegan Comfort Pastries

With a variety of foods to choose from, you can find Al Pastor tacos from Petunia’s Vegan Kitchen to “Smart Dawgs” (vegan corn dogs) from Rice Queen Social Club. The “Smart Dawgs” not only looked exactly like a corn dog, but it was mind-blowing how it tasted exactly like one.

Smart Dawg: Plant-based corn dog drizzled with vegan chipotle aioli. By Rice Queen Social Club

Olivier’s Vegan Bakery, located in Tracy, is well-known for their fancy cupcakes that are very Instagram worthy. 

Sister’s Delectable Creations brought one of their specialties, the vegan “Slut Brownies.” Slut brownies are basically a little bit of everything, being part chocolate chip cookie and part brownie. Be ready for a sugar rush right after enjoying one of these delicious creations. 

Bringing such an event to Stockton helps people be “aware that cruelty-free food tastes good,” said Bibi. 

Vegans don’t just eat lettuce and tomatoes. There are many substitutions like tofu for chicken or almond milk for milk products. With such substitutions, you can make almost any meal you please.

After a successful night, Bibi hopes to collaborate with more local restaurants who can provide vegan food options to be able to pop up monthly.

Keep up with @vegansoulstice on Instagram for upcoming vegan pop ups.

Olivier’s Vegan Bakery display of fancy cupcakes.