Police host ‘Coffee with a Cop’


On Oct. 2, the Delta College police held a “Coffee with a Cop” meet and greet. “Coffee with a Cop” is a national activity that police officers take part in on the first Wednesday in October. The event started in 2011.

For the last five years, the Delta College Police Department has taken part in this activity. 

Delta Police Chief Robert Di Piero, who is also an alum, said he enjoys connecting with the students during the event.

“We want students to know we’re here for them,” said Di Piero.

The event got its start as a way for officers to communicate and get to know the community around them. Delta police held this event in Stockton and Mountain House. Students were able to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea along with donut holes. 

The point of the activity is to connect with men and women in uniform. When citizens see the people that serve them, they often only talk to them about crimes or car trouble that go out of the way to speak to them about their day or lives. 

Professor Adriana Brogger brought her students to the event because she thought it was important to know who our helpers are. 

“We need to get to know people before something goes wrong,” she said.

Student Neely Christofferson agreed.

 “It’s important to make face to face contact with law enforcement,” said Christofferson

Officers were interested in getting to know who students are, asking common questions such as, “What are you majoring in? What jobs are you interested in? What hobbies are you interested in?” 

Delta College Police department will hold its seventh annual Safety Fair on Oct. 29 from 9 a.m to 2 p.m in the Plaza.