Going alone on adventures is an eye-opening experience


Everyone experiences things differently.

Going out is one of those things that isn’t talked about that much.

Women have to take into consideration the time, place, whether they have protection, etc.

Men don’t necessarily have to think about that but they do have other personal concerns that women might not have. 

“I take someone with me all the time because I have worries that include anxiety, scared someone will talk to me, homophobia, racism,” said University of the Pacific student Ken Dela Cruz.

Some of these worries might not pertain to other men or women, but it does bring up why going out alone isn’t actively encouraged as much as going out with friends is. 

The public praises others when they post about activities with friends, but it’s uncommon to see any posts of solo experiences.

I don’t get the same enthusiasm from others when I say “I went to see ‘Joker’ by myself.”

It’s like it’s “sad” and seen as you have no friends — but it’s just that sometimes you don’t want to have to wait to do things with someone because you’re afraid of being alone.

In actuality, going out alone is a new thing for me entirely because I’m always paranoid that something might happen to me due to being a woman.

Leslie Alvarado, previously a Delta student, said “it depends on where I am going but usually I take someone with me but it is enjoyable to go out alone.”

I understand Alvarado’s statement because I can’t get gas at night or have to be vigilant when walking by myself in case someone wishes to harm me, but I like to be independent so taking someone with me can be a hassle.

There are some perks to going out alone that you may haven’t given much thought to.

You only have to pay for yourself so you’re saving money, or you can make new friends with similar interests.

I believe that if nobody had to worry about situations where they can come to harm, then going solo would be viewed more positively.

No more having to be cautious of people and instead the ability to focus on personal experiences would be profound.

Solitude may seem lonely but it doesn’t hurt to push past the hang ups and try flying solo for once.