Hope for improved communication for students


Effective communication is critical for student success in a college course, but Delta College as an institution gets a failing grade from some students when it comes to getting out information.

“MyDelta should have never been released in the state it’s in. It’s been causing stress and confusion to students and faculty alike, unnecessarily changing features, extensive load times,  and constant crashing.But the lack of communication from the college was the most unacceptable. We were essentially left in the dark to try to figure out their broken system,” said student Cristian Ochoa. “Students weren’t able to find some of their classes, and I personally was dropped from one of my classes with no warning or message. The fact that we only got a written apology from the superintendent is pretty disappointing.”

One thing students have recently complained about is lack of communication within financial aid services. 

Many students have yet to receive their financial aid disbursements in mid-October and no student really knows why.

“I’ve met someone in every class who is complaining about the lack of responses from departments such as the financial aid office,” said student Evonna Guzman. “Students who really need the aid don’t receive it in time or if any at all because they end up giving up because of the lack of communication.”

Students have also expressed concerns and frustration with this issues through the Delta College Facebook group with comments such as:

  • “Still haven’t received an email about my pell grant letting me know when it’ll get disbursed as well as the amount. Anyone else?”
  • “Any updates on financial aid? Anyone still waiting on their first disbursement?” 

This has caused problems beyond the obvious, extending to parking permits.

Delta Police Sgt. Jim Bock said that, there is a way to waive citations in extenuating circumstances. 

“If you happen to get a citation and you can show that your financial aid hasn’t come through, then on the back of the citation there is an appeal form where you can go to appeal it,” said Bock. “I think this is an extraordinary circumstance where from a customer service standpoint, it is very easy for the police department to accommodate that.”

A lot of confusion can be placed in the hands of the fact that important information in the form of emails mainly go out to staff and faculty instead of students. Degree applications have also been repeatedly postponed, most recently being delayed for a third time. Many students were unaware that it had been moved in the first place.

“We are striving to keep students informed, but we can always do better. With that in mind, moving forward we will launch a weekly email to students updating them about important dates, progress resolving some of the technical issues with MyDelta, financial aid and other news,” said Public Information Coordinator Alex Breitler.

As for the police department, Bock said it hopes to replace  an ineffective, outdated system in the near future. 

“We recently just got approved for a system called RAVE,” said Bock. “We will be able to send out emergency notifications and non-emergency notifications and there will be an app students can download to receive them.”

As of now, students are encouraged to regularly check emails, official Delta College social media pages and hope that information that is being put out is being received