Sexy Halloween costumes should not be a thing


Halloween is just around the corner, making people scramble for last minute costumes.

Some costumes, though, shouldn’t actually be considered costumes.

I’m talking about the highly inappropriate or culturally-appropriating costumes.

Nobody wants to see a white Pocahantas or a white gangster because it could be treated as offensive to some, especially in this political and social climate.

Dressing up as another race or ethnicity should definitely be a Halloween costume don’t.

Celebrities like Julianne Hough doing blackface for a character from “Orange is the New Black” or Scott Disick as a sheik got backlash because it was disrespectful. What makes regular people who do the same thing any different? 

Just remember that the line is extremely thin between cultural appropriation and appreciation.

Also why do women have only the options of “sexy” costumes like naughty school girl or sexy versions of fictional characters like Leia from “Star Wars” or Disney princess?

People’s professions shouldn’t be a costume because what makes it sexy?

Cops, teachers, school girls, or animals are not alluring in my personal opinion. 

I know we should consider that there are adult parties to wear these rated R costumes but it’s not like are there really a lot of Halloween parties here in Stockton.

This generalization that women want these kind of costumes makes it harder for the women who just want a cute, conservative costume so they can be comfortable wearing it in public with their kids or just at their work.

I personally found it difficult trying to find a costume that wasn’t so revealing with a reasonable price so I probably won’t be dressing up this year. 

I just hope the industry listen to women about what they want to wear, not what they think we want to wear.