D’lilah’s Cakery raises money, awareness with boob cupcakes

Photos by Ayaana Williams
D'lilah Vanessa Pubill, owner of D'lilah's Cakery displays her "Boobie Cupcakes" for breast cancer awareness month.

Mindfulness is being spread in the breast way possible — with cupcakes!

D’lilah’s Cakery is selling cupcakes decorated to look like female breasts in honor of breast cancer awareness for the entire month of October.

“It’s a less serious take on raising awareness and a lot of young people tend to stray away from it because it’s such a deep and intense topic,” said owner D’lilah Vanessa Pubill. “I feel like this is a good way to raise money, involve the youth and get the conversation started.”

These “Boobie Cupcakes” can be bought in store or pre-ordered online through the store’s website in pale ivory, medium brown and deep brown skin tones.

There is even an option to have pierced frosting nipples.

“I personally don’t have a direct effect with breast cancer in my family, but it’s one of those things where I could get it myself,” said Pubill “I even found out that men get breast cancer, which I didn’t know before I did my research and became interested.”

Half of the proceeds of each set of cupcakes sold are being donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investing in research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

“This isn’t just boobs, this is all about breast cancer awareness,” said Pubill.

D’lilah’s Cakery opened in September of 2018 and has found great success so far in the baking local business.

“I feel like I get to reach out to people my age and talk and get the conversation going in the community,” said Pubill. 

At just 26 years old, Pubill is leading a thriving local business that inspires other young people with goals and potential to follow their dreams.

“A lot of people think it’s inspiring that we’re around the same age and I have a business and I’m successful at that and that makes me feel good that I can inspire somebody,” said Pubill. “To be that light for somebody else feels so good and I wish I had people my age that I could have looked up to.”

Visit visit dlilahscakery.com for more information on store location, hours, services and how to pre-order a couple of “Boobie Cupcakes” to support breast cancer awareness, and a local business.

D’lilah Vanessa Pubill, owner of D’lilah’s Cakery displays her “Boobie Cupcakes” for breast cancer awareness month.