Fashion Department’s ‘Nearly New’ sale nearly here


Delta’s Fashion department will be hosting its semi-annual Nearly New Sale on Nov. 16.

The event will sell a variety of items, including clothing for women, men and children as well as accessories including jewelry and handbags. There will also be home and holiday decorations on sale. 

“We’ve been holding the sale for about 15 years, one each spring and fall. Originally, the club produced the sale as a fundraiser to help them with the costs of our NY Fashion Industry trip that we took every year. 

Then, the program hosted the spring event to help pay for the annual fashion show,” said Leslie Asfour, professor and chair of the Fashion and Interior Design Programs. 

The event, held by the Fashion Club, not only raises funds for the trip and fashion show; it also allows Fashion student to gain experience in being visual merchandisers, managers, marketers and owning their own store. 

The event will sell donated items from local retailers, regional manufacturers, and even family and friends. Some familiar names include Dorfman Pacific and Gary Long Jewelers. However, these donations don’t come from just Stockton, but from all across the Central Valley. 

Members of the club reach out to retailers and manufacturers for donations. 

We then set pricing days to determine price points of merchandise. The day before the sale is set up, we bring fixtures in and all of the inventory and set Danner Hall up like a department store. We produce our own marketing pieces, social media events and signage to promote the event,” said Asfour. 

Items on sale can be sold for as low as $1. According to Asfour, tanks are $1, t-shirts are $1-2 and jeans are $3-5 while designer jeans are $10-15. 

The sale will even provide new bridal gowns ranging from $10-50. 

These low prices are something college students who are trying to balance their budget can appreciate. 

The Nearly New Sale will be held in Danner Hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.