Disneyland is for people of all ages, even ‘childless millennials’


Once upon a time, in the memory far, far away, we experienced our first visit to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. When stepping into this magical land by transporting us to a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy, we are greeted with warm feelings we can’t find anywhere else. 

In recent months, the phrase “childless millennial” has gained attention after angry Facebook mothers have shared thoughts about young adults taking away their children’s magic by joining in on the fun. 

That happiness is now threatened by naysayers who decry “childless millennials” shouldn’t be entering the park. These critics are wrong.

This park has welcomed many families with their first visit and continues to make magic for those who make it a tradition to make everlasting memories. 

In addition to visiting the parks, many children grow up watching movies with their family and bring the magic of Disney into their home. Others go the extra mile to incorporate Disney into fashion and home decor.  

However, when those Disney loving children grow up, their love for Disney isn’t embraced by everyone.

Peter Pan warned, it’s better not to grow up. After hitting a certain age, loving Disney is seen as something that is “childish” because it’s movies are only meant for children.

I don’t think that’s the case. 

We’re never too old to experience that nostalgic feeling that we get when watching “The Lion King” or the fireworks in front of the “Sleeping Beauty” castle.

When creating the park Walt Disney had families in mind, not just children. There are many activities in the park that can be enjoyed by adults, and many also are MORE enjoyable than going with or as a child. 

These mothers are bothered grown-ups are taking up space in line for rides and snack which seem to be the reason why their families can’t have a fun vacation. 

These mothers not only caused the media community to make noise about the critiques but have found ways to turn the tables on the mothers. 

Some have even created  T-shirts reading “Childless Millennial” and captioned their park photos of them having a great time at the park … without children.  

Those judgemental mothers and others fail to notice how great it is to go to the parks as childless, alone adults. There are many ways adults can take advantage of their age to better their visit.

You’re able to participate in the single-rider option and get on certain rides much quicker, making more time to enjoy other parts of the park.

You can drink in California Adventure and in the new Galaxy’s Edge addition at Disneyland, which makes for a good time.

Lastly, the older you get, the more you understand the movie and ride stories. When you’re a child only understand so much, but growing up and paying attention to the details can enhance the magic and help you appreciate everything around you. 

You’re never too old to experience the magic of Disney.