Stop feeding the corporate pig: use morals when spending money


If you’re one of the people who stresses over the future or our nation, consider your own influence. Put your money where your mouth is. 

Capitalism, when powered by the ambitions of a few people trying to have it all, will eventually burn everyone else. 

On social media, we like to dis Walmart for treating its workers like slaves, and flooding the market with cheap alternatives to everything. 

We’re angered by the never-ending cycle of workers being burned with low wages, and affordable products being unsustainable. People are mad wages are too low to shop with morals.

The poor never have power over what is available to them because they’re too busy working. 

If our paychecks are barely enough to cover necessities, why wouldn’t we gravitate towards the cheap options? In many cultures, finding low prices is something to take pride in.

Capitalism is defined as “ an economic system in which the market economy determines the prices of goods and services” in my history class textbook, “Visions of America”. This tells us, as consumers, we can set what the market economy will determine is important. 

If everyone chooses to not spend hard-earned money on disposables, plastics and cheap-labor produced products eventually the market will have to make ethical and sustainable products affordable. 

If you decide to use your voice to debate if the wealthy have too much to gain from our spending, ask yourself how often you contribute to the problem.

Concerns over the one percent and unethically produced products can be remedied by individuals making conscious spending habits.

When enough of us put our money where our mouth is, we will see real change in what is on the shelves.