Delta College Dream Conference


Dreamers is the term used to describe undocumented youth who want the opportunity to pursue higher education and have dreams for a better future.The California Dream Act Application allows students intent on attending California Colleges or Career Education Programs to apply for state financial aid.

On Feb. 29, Delta College held its annual Dream Conference in Atherton Auditorium for undocumented students and allies. The conference was hosted by the Dreamers Success Center and Office of Student Equity & Diversity. Around 60 people attended the conference.

“The conference was put togther to particularly help undocumented status students. To give them the tools to come to college and let them know that their undocumented college education is still possible and really just inspire them. As a former undocumented status student letting them you can go above an beyond,” said Sergio Lara resource specialist at the Dreamers Success Center in Holt 201. 

The conference started off with keynote speaker Maria Navarro sharing her personal story of being a Dreamer. 

“I went through the education system as a dreamer and it was very lonely. I want to build that support for undocumented students because it’s important to have something solidiefied for the students. A place they can go to and know that it’s there at the center,” said Navarro.

In addition, there were workshops on Entrepreneurship, California Dream Act, California Nonresident Exemption Affidavit, and Know Your Rights. Lunch was also provided. During lunch more than  20 booths of different community organizations on resources both on and off campus were set up in Danner Hall 

“We feel it’s an opportunity to support our local community and provide them information around access to delta college and higher education admissions process financing and any relevant laws and policies that could support them on their educational paths. We feel it supports the mission of the college and the district,”said Edward Aguilar manager of Student Equity & Diversity Office in SCMA 341.

The goal is to provide a safe place where Dreamers can go to seek information and guidance. 

“We hope to provide information to students, get them connected with Delta College and the dreamer success center and they could come more to the center and take advantage of the resources and information,” said Lara.