Vintage shop to impact Stockton’s fashion


High-end thrift store to help bring better vintage fashion to the Stockton streets

Left to right: Justin Salazar, Justin Vasquez and Jairo Alfaro, three of the owners conversating.

Stockton N9ne is a locally owned business that specializes in vintage fashion and streetwear. The business is operated by five different owners: Justin Vasquez, Justin Salazar, Jairo Alfaro, Ryan Vasquez and Isaiah De Anda. The physical store opened in November of 2019.  

You can find items such as vintage rock tees, retro jerseys and even sneakers in their shop. Stockton N9ne is a buy-sell-trade store which means not only can you buy their clothes, but you can bring in your own vintage clothes that you may not wear anymore or just have laying around and sell it to them for cash or trade them for something in their shop. 

“We’re all friends aside from being business partners. We realized that Stockton was booming in terms of art, music and vintage culture so we felt Stockton needed something like this for the community,” said Alfaro.

Front window view of the shop with the ‘N9ne’ logo.

“We’re all interested in the same thing, the fashion and vintage culture –  the vintage out here in the valley is growing as a whole so we wanted to be a part of the revival,” said Vasquez. 

“It just took the right people to come together and make it happen,” said Salazar.

When asked where the name ‘Stockton N9ne’ originated from, “we wanted to represent Stockton and the 209. ‘Nine’ has always been a big staple of the city,” said Alfaro and Vasquez. 

All the owners have collectively been together for roughly a year and each owner is local, coming from the city of Stockton or within the 209 area. Each owner has about 10 or more  years of experience selling vintage clothes through other means, such as at pop-up events or through online sites. 

“We love what we do, but we love when other people get interested and find out about it. We love when people come in and are interested in the same thing as us. All our close friends now are rocking vintage clothing when they probably weren’t before,” said Alfaro.  

As a growing business in the 209 area, their main goal is to benefit the community  and bring everyone closer. Their main inspiration comes not only from their interest in vintage streetwear and fashion, but the chance to influence others to pique their curiosity and dip their toes into vintage clothes as well. 

“Our biggest thing is how we impact the city. We want this to be a staple for Stockton. We want anybody who comes into Stockton to be like, this is where I got to go. If there’s an artist performing in town I want them to be like yo we got to stop by that vintage store we heard about. It’s just how we impact anybody in this city who has any kind of passion for art, fashion or music,” said Alfaro. 

You can find their business page on Instagram @stockton.n9ne or visit their physical store located at 2018 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA, right off the Miracle Mile.

Inside view of Stockton N9ne.