‘Cash for College’ workshop connects students to resources


Delta hosted a Cash for College workshop on Feb. 27, catering to students coming in to renew financial aid as well as advertising to newcomers signing up for the first time.

The event offers assistance if needed to apply for financial aid, and there was a chance to win prizes to those who participated.

“It is a great opportunity and it’s important to do your financial aid when entering or coming for the first time,” said student Adrianna Ibarra.

The event also gave an opportunity to look at other means of financial aid, such as scholarships, if students need other forms of support.

The workshop aims to relieve some of the stress surrounding education debt. .

“Relief from stress they come to college that they will suffer from debt, with the money from financial aid they can pay their books and classes,” said student Jonathan Maravilla.

It’s an important resource for students that those in attendance found useful.

“Without (aid), it can be so expensive each class and people like me will have a hard time paying them. It’s important to be prepared just in case,” said student Christopher Valadez.