Relatable memes give students hope


There are a lot of different ways students are encouraged through their semester. Memes is one of them.

Memes are pictures from scenes, movies, fashion, television shows, news, or real-life pictures, which are taken out of context, and edited to bring a whole new meaning to the image. The result is often a relatable slice of life.

Memes spread fast, since we live in a culture that likes to share content. Memes can be a form of a social interaction, pop culture, and sharing yourself with the world.

Memes can be interpreted differently from person to person. One person can take the content offensive, while another person could find the content funny. 

Memes are just pictures that people share, but what is most important in the picture is what the quotes say.  Meme content can show a complaint about the hardships of being a college student to express your emotions or an embarrassing incident that you had during college.

These memes could express someone’s opinions, emotions and actions. It is something that everyone can sympathize with or empathize with. 

There is an image where a girl is sleeping on her bed with lots of paperwork and books on her bed, making it clear that she is a student. On the captions, it says ‘I will not procrastinate this semester’. Students can relate to these college- related memes because they also understand the images struggle.  

“They tell me a story that reminds me of college. Every one of them feels like I can relate to them in a way”, said a Delta College student, Litzy Juarez.

College-related memes are meant to be funny for most students because they believe that they are true or, again, they find some connection in them. Although, not all memes are meant to be true. Some memes may tell a true relatable story, and some are beyond real. 

There is a meme where a college student is sleeping in class but above his head there is a bubble with math problems, science equations, maps and formulas. 

College memes show how stressed out college students are, there are not many college memes where it shows the hard work each student is doing.

“Microbiology memes makes me want to rethink my career since everything will make me germaphobe”, said Sonia Sanchez, a Delta College student.

College memes in particular are meant to be funny because there are incidents that happen at school and a simple picture can describe it. Most students can relate to these pictures and they share them with everyone else who can relate to them as well.

Some memes go too far.

People might exaggerate a story in order to make the content funnier. Memes are meant to bring out the laughs and relatability.

College-related memes serve as a wake-up call, prompting students to work harder or change perspective on careers and choices.

Relating to certain pictures, memes, and quotes could push a student to work harder in their studies. These memes become even more relatable and prove to people that those memes are as true as they get.  

Memes with quotes that say, ‘when you finish your essay at 3 am’ and it shows a bird with its feathers up, looking tired and messy, are the ones students relate to the most. These memes can push students to believe in themselves and make them work harder in order to prevent their lives from being a meme.

Posting college memes and seeing them receiving likes can show the student that they are not alone in those situations. Students won’t be overwhelmed and alone when they see that other people are also liking and relating to them.