LH Horton Jr. Gallery Unwraps Interactive Exhibit

One of Daniel Leighton’s interactive pieces being viewed through augmented reality on an iPad. Photo by Tyra Green.

The LH Horton Jr. Gallery presents the new Technology and the Arts exhibit, an interactive visual experience, open March 5 through April 3.

The Technology and the Arts exhibit features the work of seven artists that create computer-based pieces. The artists featured are Marpi, a San Francisco-based artist, Daniel Leighton, Rushali, Sophia Brueckner, Can Büyükberber, Joshua Harker and Kevin Mack.

The exhibit features interactive digital ecosystems, augmented reality paintings, digital conversations brought into physical space, 3D printed sculpture, digitally animated sculpture and a virtual reality experience.

“This is a professional show, a couple years ago I went to an arts and technology conference in LA and I was just so amazed at all these different artists,” said Jan Marlese, the gallery director. 

Daniel Leighton’s pieces are interactive for visitors to make his 2D digital paintings come to life through augmented reality using an app he developed for the iPhone and iPad.

Marlese worked on putting the exhibit together for a while and got a grant from the Stockton Arts Commission and gathered the different resources to put the show together. 

“I wanted to put the ‘A’ in ‘STEM’ and have it be ‘STEAM’ because arts is a creativity aspect that really does go with science and technology,” said Marlese.

In addition to the opening of the new exhibit, there will also be an Artist Talk with Marpi on March 12 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Tillie Lewis Theater.