Shoppers greeted by empty shelves in Stockton


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many grocery stores, and local drugstores have been raided by consumers for necessary essentials, notably toilet paper and water.

Bigger stores including Stockton’s Costco have been impacted.

As more information was released into the public, social media has been full of people being trampled, long lines, and shortages

Some shoppers have expressed fear for elderly shoppers, or those not able to line up for products.

Costco Club Demonstration Services Member Shirley Morris said the store has taken the initiative to limit the amount of people who enter, allowing 200 at the maximum.

Inside the store shelves were bare as families walked up and down the aisles

Baby wipes, all types of water, every brand of tissue, and paper towels were absent from the towering shelves.

Costco has limited all supplies. A line was made for water only allowing one case of water. Per member. Per family.

Mario Sanchez, a frequent customer at Costco, was found in the parking lot upset.

He said with everyone hoarding food and supplies are selfish.

“There’s other families that need all these resources,” Sanchez said.