Memes offer needed distraction, levity during COVID-19 pandemic


With everyone stuck in quarantine, many are trying to find ways to keep themselves entertained. Like myself, people are turning to Netflix and Hulu to finally binge watch that one show or trying to be some sort of productive around the house. Many have even turned to Tik Tok.

Like every other social media platform, Tik Tok has been swamped with quarantine and COVID-19 memes. Some memes even compare what we are going through to the Disney movie “Tangled.”

For those who have not seen the meme, a Twitter user tweeted about the Disney movie and how Rapunzel had to practice social distancing for her first 17 years of life. It just so happened that the island she was born on was named Corona. Since the first tweet, many have taken to other social media, mainly Tik Tok, to joke about the similarities we are going through. 

Besides this coincidental meme, others have suggested that we need to find the magic flower that Mother Gothel used to help stop Corona. Many have started to joke that if Rapunzel could live 17 years in isolation, we should be able to survive for a month. To keep from being bored in quarantine, all we need to do is follow her list in the song “When Will My Life Begin.” 

Although Rapunzel had her list of things to keep herself occupied, it still feels like we have nothing better to do. Many of us have had our normal routines ruined because of what is going on. Luckily for me, I have the chance to get out of my house and go to work. 

Others no longer have this luxury. 

One of my favorite Tik Toks is by a creator @Mitchell. In his videos captioned “Moms during Corona,” he mimics a mother dealing with quarantine with exaggerated cleaning and a constant need to go outside on a walk.

The memes may seem ridiculous and we should be focusing on the important information that is being brought to us on the news, but it is nice to have something to laugh about. COVID-19 has brought a lot of panic into people’s lives, but the memes, in a sense, have been able to calm the panic.

I think the memes and videos still bring awareness to what is happening. It is a way for the younger generation to have a conversation. For me, I’m not up when the morning news is happening and I am not home in the evening to watch the evening news. 

I usually end up getting my news from Twitter or an app on my phone and I think a lot of my generation are similar.

Many don’t rely on news to get us our information, but instead, the discussions that are happening over social media. With these discussions, come the memes.