Tutoring continues serving students virtually


Delta’s tutoring services have all moved online in Zoom for the remainder of the Spring semester. 

“We’re delivering services online to students so that they can finish their degrees/courses this term,”said Jordan Harless, learning center coordinator.

Tutors continue to work to aid students, just in an online manner. 

“Since our tutors are employed, students still have consistent access to live interactions and academic support. Our tutors went through training on how to use zoom, and many of them have undergone extensive training in helping out in Canvas shells,” said Harless. 

“I don’t think there is truly a replacement for being able to get help face to face if that’s what you need. I think it can be hard when you don’t have the option to walk in and sit with someone for as long as you need, the online format is a very good placeholder for the time being until it’s safe for everyone to be together again,” said Catelynn Rige, tutor for the Math and Science Learning Center.

To access tutoring, students must visit the Online Tutoring page on the Delta College website. From there, students have to select the link for the type of tutoring they want during the centers operating hours. 

“You will be asked for your name and Student ID number upon arrival and asked what subject or tutor you are hoping to work with. The instructional assistant will then pair you in a virtual “room” with the tutor and other students working on the same subjects,” said Rocio Ochoa, resource specialist for the Arts, Humanities, and Multimedia division.

 “Taking a science course online is not helping how I learn, it takes away from that socratic and meaningful learning I was getting from my Professor in person. I am also grateful for Delta college for having us on board with our (tutoring) jobs. I myself get help from my fellow tutors for my physiology course. I am determined to pass or I don’t graduate after this semester,” said Jeniece Flores, a tutor and student who also uses the online tutoring services.

Additionally, Delta’s online services also include library access and counseling appointments. 

Library services include online research support, access to free online textbooks, and remote reference services, which can all be found on the Library’s homepage.  

Counseling services are offered through telephone or by Zoom. 

Students can either make an appointment online or by calling. Also, students can send their questions to a counselor by filling out the Counseling Question Form located on the Counseling homepage.