Gallery to present student art in virtual format


The coronavirus pandemic meantDelta College had to cancel or postpone all events on campus in March and beyond.

Events are now being rescheduled virtually, including the annual Student Art Exhibition, featuring artwork from Delta College  students. 

 “This is a very difficult time for students, which we realize may impact their ability to enter the student art show, or even to complete their class assignments due to lack of studio access. Some assignments are being completed in found materials which would not normally be used,” said Jan Marlese, Director of the L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery on campus. “For example, what might normally be made of clay in a ceramics class is now made of found materials such as painted cardboard. The process still gives the student an understanding of design.”

Marlese said gallery staff and the arts faculty have worked to “provide whatever support is needed for students to be able to finish their projects and enter their work images to the Gallery through a simple email submission process.”

While the gallery in Shima is closed, along with the rest of campus, Marlese said the web-based show is a way to continue to showcase student art.

“My greatest hope is for the art students and faculty’s hard work to be celebrated through this online presentation,” said Marlese.

The exhibition will be posted on the gallery’s website As well as a video slideshow of the exhibition to post on the gallery Facebook The Facebook page will also include a photo album of the show.

The deadline for submission is May 8. Students must have been registered for one art class in either Fall 2019 or Spring 2020, as well as being declared as art majors/minors to participate. Artwork can be submitted via email to Marlese at

“While the online exhibitions are key to promoting the work of Delta College art students and faculty, it will not replace the 2020 Spring Student Art Exhibition. The Gallery plans to present works from the 2020 virtual student art exhibition as soon as the College campus reopens,” said Marlese. “The L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery is a premier exhibition space located on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College and is a program of the Art Department within the Division of Arts & Communication. The primary mission of the Gallery is to support Student Learning Outcomes in the visual arts curriculum by building knowledge within the aesthetic, technical, cultural and historical context of the visual arts.”