Students weigh transferring amid potential online-only fall schedules


Some students planning to transfer for Fall 2020 semester are finding themselves questioning whether or not the time is right.

The COVID-19 pandemic has schools moving classes to online or having some sort of social distancing protocol in place for fall.

California State University, Fullerton announced in late April it would be online-only. A look at the Delta College schedule for Fall also shows a majority of online classes, with only some exceptions made for lab-based courses.

Many universities haven’t yet announced if courses  are going to remain online through Fall semester, or  even when campuses will reopen. Delta College remains closed.

Students are weighing the pros and cons of staying another semester and continuing to fulfill prerequisite courses. 

“I still want to transfer. I know it is not the  ‘traditional experience,’ but I can keep working towards my B.A. and save money by not having to worry about housing,” said Delta student Octavio Ramalho. 

Staying another semester could potentially impact how long it takes to get a bachelor’s degree. Transferring allows students to take upper-division courses, even if it means losing out on the campus experience. 

“I actually did think about not transferring but never considered it because after 70 credits those credits wouldn’t transfer over. I’ll probably take some online classes through delta to fulfill general classes needed that do transfer over,” said Delta student Valeria Gonzalez

Students struggling with whether or not to transfer should talk to their counselor to discuss which path best suits their educational and personal needs. Counseling appointments are now available by telephone and Zoom video conference. Appointments can be made by visiting