‘Among Us’ keeping people entertained during pandemic


How do you stay entertained during quarantine? According to USA Today many people are staying entertained by creating puzzles, starting blogs, learning another language , and writing poetry.

Even those activities get played out over time. A more popular way of entertainment has taken its place among the interests of many. Video games.

Sitting at No. 1 in Apple’s app store is an old game that has gotten much attention these past two months, “Among Us.” 

“Among Us” is a space-murder mystery game that can acquire up to 10 people per game. The game can consist of up to three imposters that sabotage and kill the crewmates that are working hard to complete tasks in order to win.

Logging on to the game you have the choice to play locally with friends nearby, online with other players around the world, or practice by yourself on freeplay. Once you‘ve chosen how you want to play, you can choose to host your own private game for friends to join with a password, or a public game for anyone to join. If hosting a game is not in your interests there’s also an option to join a server that has already been created.

Once you enter the server you will be waiting in a lobby where you can chat with many different players from around the world. In the lobby you will notice you can click use on your screen to access the embedded computer where you can also customize your astronaut to your liking.

The customization feature allows you to change the color of your character to any available color, decorate your astronaut with a hat, and so your character has a little partner, you can purchase a pet for $2.99.

Once the server has reached the max limit of 10 people the host will begin the game. 

As the game begins you are assigned a role as a crew mate or an imposter. As an imposter you are assigned fake tasks to “complete” as a cover up for annihilating the crewmates one by one, without trying to raise suspicion. 

As the game starts your name will be highlighted red for you to see, so that you separate yourself from the crewmates. As you run around a kill cooldown is activated  in the beginning restricting you from using your kill button right away. 

After each kill your kill cooldown restarts to allow you to escape and plan your next attack, and to keep the round from ending quickly. Along the map you will notice vents that you can enter by clicking your “USE” button. After a successful kill, if you have no time to escape you can hide out in a vent until a crewmate leaves or report’s the body for discussion, or you can click the arrows that appear to change your location to a nearby vent.

“I love playing as an imposter, because it’s a challenge trying to figure out how to get away with everything,” said student Michael Estrada. 

Although being the imposter seems easy it is very tedious.

“You need active listening skills, and map awareness. You need to know what to sabotage, and how to flip the information you receive to narrow down the number of players,” said Estrada.

In contrast to the imposter, crewmates have a hard job of their own. Trying to complete all their tasks, protecting themselves from the imposter, and figuring at who the imposter is, can be overwhelming.

Being a crewmate you have to activate your detective skills, know the map that you are playing, and know what tasks are located where and how they are connected to their steps. Having map knowledge gives you an advantage to help you identify who’s lying about their location and what tasks they were completing.

In addition, you have to stay alert about your surroundings and the people who are around you in order to prove your innocence during discussion, or die.

 “I think the hardest thing about playing as the crewmate is staying alive, anyone could be the imposter so you don’t know if you’re being followed by another crewmate, or the imposter,” said student Isa Ortiz.

An annoying challenge players come across revolves around the discussion portion of the game. The game features a chat box that appears in the lobby and when a body is reported within the game. The game is set up to allow players a certain time limit to discuss who the imposter is, and to prove their innocence within the set time span.

Users have found that pairing the app Discord is an efficient way to play with friends. Discord is an app where you can audio chat, video call, and create servers for people to join in to make the gaming experience easier.

“I prefer to use discord, because I think the interactions with the other people eis more exciting and fun. Hearing the emotion in their voices and trying to deduce who the imposter is more fun,” said player Rendall Del-Rosario.

Using the chat box provided by game creator Inner Sloth, “It just seems so inconvenient that way,” said player Jasmine Enriquez. “ Using discord I love being able to chat with my friends and hear what they have to say,” said Enriquez.

Overall this murder mystery game is a great way to stay entertained at home that you can enjoy with your friends and family, while meeting new people.