Delta student starts regular bike-ride group

Bike ride leader Mykel Maduli

There aren’t many recreational activities in Stockton that’s considered fun during the pandemic, but through the troubling times a student from San Joaquin Delta College is leading an organized bicycle ride once every week for the community to enjoy.

Leader Mykel Maduli began riding bikes because of his passion for it.

“It’s my therapy,” he said. 

Instead of keeping his love for riding secluded for just himself he decided to make an event out of it for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

“I thought to myself, why am I waiting for Sunday/Friday to go ride when I can host one during the weel,” he said. 

“Meet at Robby’s Bicycles at 6 roll at 7,” a flyer promoting the rides reads.The flyers prompted teenagers and adults to begin to ride in with their friends and family from all over Stockton.

“I’ve seen kids who can’t even peddle a bike yet, but have the balance to ride one, and I know this one old man who rides with us who is aged to about sixty-five to seventy years old,” said rider Mario Hernandez.

In the beginning, “around 6 (p.m.)  we get like maybe 3-4 people, and then around 7 (p.m.) we see about 30-50 people,” Maduli said. 

Maduli gives pre-ride directions to those in attendance. 

“I gather everyone up, give them a pep talk about [what] route we’re gonna take, staying in the right lane, and other safety precautions before we take off,” he said.

In comparison to other bike rides in the city, Maduli has the most community involvement. 

“ I participate in many bike rides that happen, in my opinion i’ve never seen a ride in stockton that has had so many people participate in,” said rider Tyler Brown.

In a bike ride, the leader sets stop points for people to rest at before they get too tired.

Rest stops for bikers are usually at a nearby gas station or shopping area that has restrooms and food, allowing people to reconvene, and chat with one another.

 “A lot of people who go on other rides don’t like to stop too often or too long. My rides usually consist of two stops for about fifteen to twenty minutes,” Maduli said, making his rides by far the most enjoyable.

These bike rides bring out people from different parts of Stockton. 

People come from the Northside of Stockton, the Eastside, and the Southside allowing people the experience to see different parts of the town.

 “To be honest i’d rather see these kids do dumb things on bikes rather than see them do something dumb that could for sure reflect on on them in the near future,” Maduli said.

Bike riding has become a popular activity these past two months. Going from being an average everyday Joe to a widely known person putting on events to keep kids out of trouble, and bring people together is a gracious act to take place.

 “It’s a good way to spread the love of riding bikes, making memories, and having fun,” Maduli said.