Lodi group holds its first Women’s March event


Lodi’s first Women’s March took place on Oct. 3 from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Approximately 50 protestors took to the streets of Lodi. 

Women’s March Lodi  managed to close down Lodi’s most busy street, Kettleman Lane.

Those taking part in the march met at DeBenedetti Park on Lower Sacramento Road before working their way through Lower Sacramento Road, West Kettleman Lane, South Ham Lane and West Century Boulevard.

“This is about empowerment,” said Athena Frye, one of the march’s speakers, when asked about her reason for taking part in the march.she said about the march’s purpose.

“My biggest pet peeve is when people, especially boys, say ‘girls don’t need make-up,’ we do not wear make-up for boys, we wear it because we want too,” said Athena Frye.

Hamdah Nassar, another march participant, spoke about the importance of the march. “This helps spread awareness, when women’s rights are being attacked we stand up for equality,” Nassar said.

Before demonstrators began the march they were met with opposition from a group of President Trump supporters parading in cars with Trump and American flags. They crossed paths twice the first was a larger group made up of about 10 vehicles. The demonstrators also encountered a small pro-life group of protestors.

Jaiden Ha marched in the Women’s March and collaborated with those who helped host the first Black Lives Matter march in Lodi.A march that took place on June 14.

“Being a feminist was seen as something dirty and we’ve progressed for the 21st Century. There is still more to do.” she said. “You can not call yourself a feminist if you do not believe in equal rights for everyone.”

When meeting at DeBenedetti park the organizers offered free water for participants to stay hydrated. 

The march organizers encouraged participants to make donations or to buy $15 sweaters or $10 bags.

The women’s march organizers hope to make this an annual march, but until then the next march they will organize will take place on Oct. 17 as part of the nationwide Women’s March. 
That march will start at 10 a.m. at Rotary International Park located on 1025 Gettysburg St. Turlock, CA. Both the Lodi and Turlock marches decided to join forces in an attempt to reach a larger audience. To stay up to date on any future news relating to the Women’s March visit @womensmarchlodi on instagram.