Local food truck adapting to pandemic changes


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many restaurants and other businesses to close their operations, not for Simon Gonzalez, the owner of local food truck Antojitos Mexicanos el Paisa.

Gonzalez is finding ways to continue to attain revenue and get support from the Stockton Community.

Located by Great Valley Elementary school in Weston Ranch, Antojitos Mexicanos el Paisa has provided many years of sweets and treats to this busy community, especially to students and parents.

This truck sells fruit decorations that truly makes it unique, customized Elotes with hot Cheetos or Doritos, Tostilocos, vasos de fruta, even delicious Mangonadas. The menu possibilities are endless.

“I come here everyday during my lunch break to get my daily vaso de fruta. There is always a line here with kids wanting to get their sweets. I’m sure everyone in this community appreciates Mr. Gonzalez, he makes it feel like we are back home in Mexico, ” said customer Yesenia Huizar.

The first month of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worry into the future of this food truck.

“Schools shut down so we have to get creative in order to produce revenue and keep serving our community. I truly miss giving the kids their food. Most of them would come running with their parents just to get their daily raspados,” said Gonzalez.

It was uncertain what the next steps were for Simon and his truck. There were no more local students or community gatherings for him to offer his services to.

Customers used to find him. Now Gonzalez finds the customers.

“A lot of people are working from home so I look for public places closer to neighborhoods during lunchtime to make it easier for them to find us, towards the afternoon we move closer to the freeway to be visible for customers that are coming back from work and want to enjoy some refreshing fruit, constantly updating our Facebook page to keep locals informed,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez and his Antojitos Mexicanos el Paisa truck is determined to continue to provide to the community. Gonzalez is working on more strategies and slowly expanding to other communities so everyone can enjoy his creations.