Local organization fights human trafficking


San Joaquin County has three major organizations making a fight against Human trafficking: the Women’s Center Youth & Family services, Chest of Hope, and the San Joaquin County Human Trafficking Task Force.
Human trafficking is a cause for concern in the San Joaquin county.

According to the Women’s Center Youth & Family Services official website, the state of California is among the top three states facing the highest numbers of human trafficking.

“Human trafficking is growing more and more, it’s at its highest,” said Jessica Alfaro, a hotline specialist who works for Chest of Hope organization.

According to the Women’s Center Youth & Family Services official website in the United States there are approximately 18,000 and 20,000 people who fall victim to human traffickers.

Of those victims, data suggest more than 10,000 are children.

At Chest of Hope, the main goal is to provide the help necessary to the human trafficking victims.

“We provide any human trafficking victims with what they need, every case is different after we conduct a phone eligibility screening we will refer them to what is best for the them,” said Alfaro.

Chest of Hope also provides victims with services and tools to help reincorporate them back into society, including transitional housing.
“The victims who are sent to us will usually go through a 9-to-12-month program and classes that will help them get back on their feet,” said Alfaro.

Chest of Hope also works alongside The Women’s Center and the task force.

“The San Joaquin County Human Trafficking Task Force is a collaborative partnership of government and non-governmental organizations and individuals working to end all forms of human trafficking in San Joaquin County through education, advocacy and action,” according to the End Human Trafficking in San Joaquin County Facebook page.

These organizations work hand-in-hand to put an end to human trafficking and help victims through programs, housing and other resources.

To reach the Women’s Center 24-hour Human Trafficking hotline call (209) 948-1911, Chest of Hope Helpline (209) 259-5552 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at (888) 373-7888.