What’s next for music events?


Not too long ago we were enjoying live music events around the country. Stockton Arena schedule would usually be packed with fans every weekend, and outdoor events were always our getaways from everything.
The music scene has taken a big hit during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Event organizations are not sure what the next steps will be. Businesses are continuing to operate using outdoor locations to generate revenue. But what’s going to happen with music events in Stockton?

For the last two years Edmund Fong and his organization successfully established the “Bump Music Festival” that would occur every summer at Weber Point Event Center in Stockton.

“This pandemic affected all types of entertainment for the city of Stockton, the younger community was finally engaging into this particular music which I love the most. We might have to find other outdoor options in order to keep ourselves going in the meantime. Our group might be looking into the Park ‘N Rave method like insomniac is doing it back in SoCal,” said Fong.

Stockton resident Gibran Esquivez, has been attending local events for the past few years. He has seen the ups and down for the music scene with the city of Stockton.

“As a music fan, it is heartbreaking what the music event scene is going through, I have seen event organizations completely collapse because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These social distancing music events are not the same, I miss grooving with the large crowds,” said Esquivez.

It seems impossible to have fun at a “Social distancing” event nowadays. There needs to be CDC, state, and local recommendations for a proper social distancing event.

There are outdoor events happening in Stockton such as Whirlow’s Tossed & Grilled parking lot dinner & music and the Whirlow’s pet costume contest. Virtual events are starting to roll out more often since it’s the safest and newest way to attend an event during this pandemic.

Practice social distancing, so the city of Stockton can come back stronger than ever.