Food banks receive donations

Canned food donations during the Associated Students of Delta College drive-thru donation event. PHOTO COURTESY OF ADRIANA BROGGER

The importance of giving back during the holidays has never been more critical than now. The COVID-19 pandemic numbers keep increasing, and many families need more aid than ever, making donations to local organizations that help even more critical in 2020.

The Stockton Emergency Food Bank, and other local food pantries provide aid to the families in need.

Stockton resident Marisol Souza will take a different approach this year and collect donations herself from all her friends and family to deliver to the homeless in Stockton.

“Every year it comes down to what you want to give for the donation centers, but I will be asking everyone directly to help for this cause. My main approach will be to collect jackets, blankets and food to help fight the winter this year. Thankfully I have a lot of friends that will help me drive around and deliver these items for the ones in need,” said Souza.

Souza worries that a lot of families in the streets don’t have the right amount of blankets and food to fight this winter during the holidays. It’s difficult for them to find a place to sleep but at least she is willing to help with whatever she can, she said.

“We can always help our neighbors put up their Christmas lights, donate clothes at certain locations, invite friends for dinner during the holidays, but giving a jacket, blanket or a scarf to someone without a home, could possibly mean the world to them,” said Souza.

Stockton’s electronic music producer Ismael Olague (96 Vibe Music) will also take an initiative on collecting donations for the families in need for these upcoming holidays.

“Me and some colleagues who are also musicians, will be pushing hard on our social media platforms to obtain donations for our communities. We will start to get in touch with local food banks, or donation centers from the Stockton-Manteca region to get our donations in good hands. Our social media has been increasing these past few months with the releases that we had so far. We feel like we can make a difference using our platforms and obtain more attention for our goal to help the ones in need,” said Olague.

Helping the families in need should not be difficult, nor expensive. There should be encouragement from everyone not just during the holidays but always, to support our local community.

Delta College Senator of Community Relations Dustin Brakebill, and the Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) will be putting together a Holiday Food Drive for the students of Delta College.

“On November 10th we are seeking donations for our Holiday Food Drive, we will be in Shima Parking Lot 1. The Holiday food drive will be on November 20th. We are looking to distribute 80 meals to students,” said Brakebill.

The items that the ASDC are looking to obtain are turkey, canned greens, mashed potatoes, canned yams, boxed mac and cheese and dinner rolls.

Even though this COVID-19 has affected many families in our communities, our local residents will continue to encourage everyone to help residents in need and hopefully provide some warm clothes, or a hot meal during this holiday season.