Mid-January deadline approaches for Pacific’s Community Involvement Program


On Dec. 1 University of the Pacific’s Community Involvement Program (CIP) held a virtual informational session hosted by Alicia Perry, a graduate from Delta College and a double alum from the University of the Pacific. 

Perry explained the comprehensive program exclusive for Delta College students looking to make a transition to the University of the Pacific.

CIP is a comprehensive, needs-based scholarship and retention program for First-Generation college students from the Stockton community who have demonstrated both community awareness and service, along with the potential for responsible leadership, according to the presentation.

CIP has a standing graduation rate of 87 percent with more than 2,000 students having graduated from the program since its inception in 1969, according to Parry.

“The success of our program is our curricular program, we have a curriculum that is based off of community service and doing events out in the community,” said Perry.

Upon being accepted into the program, students are eligible to apply for a housing grant, covering room and board on campus. 

Other sources range from retention services to co-curricular experiences.

Qualifications for the program include being a first-generation student, evidence of community work, transfer with at least 60 transferable units with 36 of those units coming from Delta, and Cal Grant eligibility.

“I would suggest becoming friends with your financial aid specialist and by doing so I was able to keep track of my eligibility,” said Perry.

Applications for the Community Involvement Program went on Nov. 1.

Along with this comes the “Co-Curricular experience” which finds you working in a cohort to come together to create an event or activity that can be used for the community to help the community.

“Every year there is an event called ‘Family Day at the Park’ and it is sponsored by The Record net, a lot of our students get together to dress up as superheroes and princesses, going out to the schools and reading to children dressed in costumes,” said Perry.

CIP students have attended this event everyday since 2016, according to Perry.

“The deadline for all applications to get into the system is January 15. If he/she has not turned the letters of recommendations or personal statements by that time, your application will not be accepted,” said Perry.