Pawn shop, second-hand business booming


Businesses across the country are struggling to keep up because of this current COVID-19 pandemic. There is not a clear date on when life could go back to normal, so the pawn shops business have been booming ever since. 

Pawn shops sales have surely skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic as customers are looking to get rid of personal items in order to keep paying their bills or support their families. Not only are they looking to pawn their items, but also looking for specific tools and electronics to stay busy at home. 

Tony, who is an appraisal specialist for Rio Cash For Gold in Tracy, has never seen such an amount of customers in years.

“Since the beginning of March, this year we have been receiving tons of wedding rings and meaningful items that unfortunately customers have to get rid of because of this pandemic. There are times where customers are crying in front of us but they have no choice but to get money for their belongings,” Said Tony. 

Long time pawn specialist and owners of JLP Jeweler in Stockton, Jose Perez, is also experiencing an increase in customer foot track since the beginning of November.

“In my many years of being involved in this business, I have never experienced this amount of customers coming in on the daily to get cash for their gold. Most of my customers are Latinos and I would constantly hear that they have gotten laid off, or there is just not much work because of this pandemic, December is almost here and my place is expecting even a higher amount of customers because of these holidays.”

Pawn shops are becoming an essential business in our local communities. As anything jewelry related that has passed down some sort of value is becoming a popular option in order to get through this pandemic. In a situation like these, everyone is looking for many ways to survive and help their families pay their bills. 

As 2020 is coming to end, nobody knows what to expect as the COVID-19 numbers are continuing to increase around our cities. Pawn shops in 2021 might become even more essential than ever before.