Couples at war keep it entertaining


Couples prank wars have the potential to be a hilarious way to keep the fun and sanity in your relationship during this year-long and continuing lockdown.

With San Joaquin County still being in the purple tier, the end of being housebound is not yet in sight.

Couples have seen much more of each other in the last year than they were previously accustomed to, and perhaps more than they know how to handle.

How do you keep the spark alive and the arguments at bay when you’re stuck in the house with your partner?

Prank wars are a common trend amongst Youtube couples and a source of entertainment for their viewers.

A prank war is exactly what it sounds like: an ongoing battle between two or more people to out-trick each other.

Who better to engage in a war of wit and humor with than the person you have come to know better than ever?

Does your partner like orange juice? Replace the citrusy-goodness in the carton with water flavored with the cheese packet from a box of macaroni and cheese.

No history of heart disease? Tape pop-its to the underside of the toilet seat to set them up for a good scare when they sit down on it. 

Keeping with the theme of relatively safe poppers, tape one of the bottle-shaped varieties that shoot confetti to a door, and the string to the door frame so that when your partner opens it, they’ll get an instant pop followed by a burst of colorful bits.

If you need more inspiration, tons of videos can be found on Youtube of couples going back and forth finding creative ways to prank the other.

Be aware, though, that these videos may be rehearsed and the reactions of the pranked may be a lot more controlled than one you’ll receive from your partner at home.

If you didn’t know your partner before, the last year in lockdown with them should’ve equipped you with enough knowledge to know what will be laughed off and what might end in a situation that’s not so funny.

April Fool’s Day may be over, but the tricks don’t have to stop on the first day of the month.