Life will never be the same for families who lost loved ones


The pandemic came as a shock to everyone and derailed the lives of most. People continue to wait tirelessly for when things can go “back to normal.” However, for those who have suffered the loss of loved ones, family members, or friends life will never again be normal. 

While many look forward to meeting once again with loved ones and being able to hug them and enjoy their presence again, Stockton resident Muhammad Khan won’t be able to do so.

“The last time I spoke to my aunt was on Facetime for a short period of time while she was at the hospital and next thing I knew was that she passed away, It’s been very hard on my family,“ said Khan.

Khan said his aunt Farha Youssef was loved by many and one of the things that saddens his family and him the most is that not everyone was able to attend the funeral because of Covid-19 restrictions.

One of the hardest things to face is the fact that they weren’t able to say their last goodbyes or be with her one last time. 

“We never got the chance to see her, we never got the chance to touch her again, for our family as a whole it’s heartbreaking we weren’t able to give her a hug or anything,” said Khan.

One of the things Khan is grateful for is that although other members of his family including himself got Covid-19, they were able to recover.

Families like the Khans will continue to do their part in staying safe and encouraging others to get vaccinated as a means to reduce the risk of more deaths.

“My hope is that people are taking the pandemic serious and it doesn’t take them losing a family member to see that Covid exist, and although Covid seems to be going down that people continue to be careful,” said Khan.