Teacher says children are hardest hit in pandemic year


Tray Robinson, is the GLSEN 2020 teacher of the year and he has observed who has been hit hardest in the pandemic – our children. 

“This school year will do more damage to successful students because they were not able to teach themselves. Any child who fails a class this year is not getting an ‘F’ on the material, but an ‘F’ in adjusting to the covid process on the fly… Those who fail are set up to try and catch-up next year or be set up to fail,” said Robinson. Finding ways to educate children individually has never been more important than when navigating through the pandemic. 

“It is my job to ensure kids have the resources to grow through the times and crises facing our lives. I teach kids to question the methods of learning and find the best method for them. Rather than force kids to learn how to do the same things as others,” said Robinson. By modifying their curriculum, he cultivates their success. 

Robinson, is a contracted Special Educations teacher, at Andrew Hill High School in San Jose. His specialty is as an Education Specialist, one who designs and can adapt the curriculum of any person. His views on the educational system are poignant and he predicts a massive fallout from the kids. 

“Education went wrong when it began standardizing teaching/education for all based off one method, one ideal, and one visual model of what success looks like. I teach the learning process, not the output,” said Robinson. “Kids with IDEPs are excelling with distance learning.” By mitigating the embarrassment factor, they are getting the help they need and desperately desire. Common core will face its biggest challenge after being flipped upside down.