Powered Up: Writer tests body and mind on energy drinks

Finals are coming to a campus near you! Students frantically run about, flailing their arms in panic and studying late at night until their eyes slam shut. Powered by the stimulant caffeine, students can only hope to stay awake during this testing time. But which one is best? James Striplin, loyal Java Jitters customer, will go through the challenge of drinking these various poisons so that you don’t have to. Don’t try this at home.

ASBG election applications due May 4, elections to take place May...

Elections for Associated Student Body Government will be held starting May 9, and running until May 12. Campaigning started April 25 and runs until May 6.

Organizations spread eco-friendly ideas during Earth Day

In this country, it’s no surprise California is the most polluted. What is surprising is that San Joaquin Valley nearly tops the list of most polluted places in the United States according to the Los Angelos Times. From Bakersfield, to Fresno and Modesto, cities not very far from Stockton have some of the lowest air quality.

Delta women’s basketball hosting summer camp

The Delta College women’s basketball coaching staff will be hosting a summer basketball camp from June 14-16.

The Doctor is in: An impossibly brilliant start to season six

Whovians everywhere donned the bow ties and fezzes on April 23 to celebrate the return of British sci-fi phenomenon Doctor Who. The sixth series took off at full speed with “The Impossible Astronaut” most of which takes place in America. Fitting to the setting, the episode premiered in the UK and the US on the same day instead of the usual two weeks apart, and became BBC America’s highest-rated show ever.

Hard work pays off in the long run

What inspires a person to take the challenge and run long distances? Is it the drive to compete? The satisfaction of accomplishing a personal goal? Or can it even be a persons way to relax?

Artist considers music his ‘therapy’

“Music is my therapy,” said Alex Krishna, 21. At the age of 16, Krishna picked up a pen and paper and started writing the thoughts and emotions that ran through his head.

Middle College student ‘tased’ by campus security

A stun gun was used on a 15-year-old Middle College High School autistic student by campus police on April 20, after officers were called to his class following an outburst, according to campus officials.


In Issue 12 of The Collegian, published April 15, the name of our contributing artist for the story “Genre Fights Live Burial” was mispelled. The...

Delta to present multiple events celebrating Earth Day, April 21

With a month into the spring season, Delta College is hosting multiple events for Earth Day. The celebration takes place throughout the campus Thursday, April 21, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Shima Parking adds speed bumps

The first thing drivers on campus have to do is find parking. The removal of the berm between Shima One and Shima Two parking lots last semester was to alleviate some of these issues. With the parking lot opened, a runway that splits the middle of the lot has created new problems.

Women of Hip Hop empower through music

“Hip hop is the love of my life – more specifically, a culture, a movement, an art form, a tool for positive change,” said Nina Rebultan, Women of Hip Hop founding member. A few years ago, Rebultan shared the same vision with a B-Girl Temper, real name unknown, and a woman named Natalie Pohley.

Students, faculty respond to budget proposal survey

In the midst of financial turmoil at Delta College, the administration has reached out to faculty and students alike to gather a general consensus of what should be fixed first on campus. Delta College sent out a campus-wide email in March that linked to an online survey. This survey asked participants to rank proposed budget ideas on which would be the easiest to implement with the most impact.

Goleman Library enters online social media

The reach of Facebook is far and wide, even extending its grasp to Delta’s very own library. Goleman Library joined the social networking site, April 22, last year and collected over 280 likes. If a student chooses to like Goleman, they can receive answers to library questions and frequent updates on library events.

Genre fights live burial

While on the Stockton Campus of Delta College, one hears rap, hip hop, R&B, heavy metal, rock, and pop music. But what one rarely hears, unless they have their headphones on, is country music. There may not be many overt fans of country music wandering the campus, but the genre is not dead.

Ongoing Bring Me a Book campaign continues to raise books,...

A campus club’s small idea has spurred a continued campus book drive that recently netted 704 books and $1,060 in monetary donations for local organizations in need. It started in spring 2009 with the PIPELINE Club. The officers of the club wanted to find a way that could help out the community and do community service.

Delta Forensics showcase award-winning team

As a group of six rushed down the eastern stairwell of Holt, student Bronche Taylor brings up the rear dressed in formal gear. Taylor is one of the seven students that participated in Tuesday’s Spring Speech Showcase, a public demonstration of various speech and debate performances by Delta’s award-winning forensics team.

Bucky Layland Softball Complex hosts dedication ceremony tomorrow

Delta’s athletic program is hosting a dedication event for the Bucky Layland Softball Complex tomorrow, April 16. The event starts 11 a.m. and will go on until noon.

Two programs, training for one career

Two rules: give it your all and be honest. Student Ralph Dominguez has big goals to achieve just like any other college student. His long-term goal? To become a police officer. In short-term, Dominguez’s goal is to attend and graduate from Delta’s Police academy.

Editorial: Crisis leaves Delta at crossroads

To say the future of Delta College is at a crossroads is, well, an understatement. Questions remain unanswered both locally and state-wide regarding the budget issues which in turn determine what we do and don’t have in the semesters to come.
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