Break the Silence Project at San Joaquin Delta College

Break the Silence book coverStudents from the Radio/Television, Mass Communication/Journalism, Photography and Graphic Arts programs participated in a collaborative reporting project sponsored by Ethnic Media Services of San Francisco with funding from the California Health Care Foundation.

The semester-long project culminated in a multimedia storytelling presentation, a printed book and a campus forum at San Joaquin Delta College on May 15.

Eleven students participated in the project: Katelynn Castaneda, Dawn L. Basnett, Celine Pham, Carmen Cruz, Mikael Honzell, Jason Teixeira, Tyler Jimenez, Heidi Echols, Tomas Medina, Ianthe Chase and David Powell.

On campus, Associate Professor Adriana Brogger spearheaded the initiative on behalf of the Multimedia Discipline.

The students pitched and reported the stories over a series of weeks, working with team leaders to edit and refine. The participating students also administered a survey to their peers, with the results being published in the printed journal. The culmination of of the work is published at Download a copy of the Breaking Silence journal here.

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