Navigating the year of uncertainty

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

The statement is haunting now. It gives pause. It hits differently. We didn’t know then. But in those early pandemic days, it gave us hope that the path to beat COVID-19 could be swift, deliberate, and without controversy.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Two days later, a majority of the campus community spent their last day — ironically a Friday the 13th — in classes. The Collegian has just shut down operations for Spring Break, after a feverish push to finish the third issue of the semester.

On March 13, schools in San Joaquin County’s K12 system began announcing shutdowns through April 6. By March 17, Delta College faculty, staff, and students were put on notice that we too would be transitioning to remote learning with “minimal staffing” on campus, according to an email from President/Superintendent Dr. Omid Pourzanjani. The email noted that Delta would continue “monitoring all communications at national, state, and local levels in addition to communications from the Chancellor’s Office.”

These are stories that defined the pandemic year for our college community. They are ones of pivot, adaptation, and resilience.

From The Collegian Staff

Finding our way in a COVID world

The pivot

No one escaped the impact of the virus

Finding our way through

The challenges of the pandemic have changed the way we live, from online classes to limited travel to new opportunities. The Delta College community has worked through the hardships and new realities. These are snapshots and stories from their lives.

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