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Tag: #DC

CW won’t be the same after ‘Arrow’ ends in October

Oliver Queen. Felicity Smoak. Thea Queen. John Diggle. The end may be near for these well-loved characters from CW’s DC universe show “Arrow”,...

‘Batman’ presents casting problems

What sparkles in the light and has a melodramatic complex? How about if you add in a whiny and obsessive love interest?What...

Rival superhero series face off on the small screen

“DC” vs. “Marvel.” “Thor” vs. “Wonder Woman.” “Jessica Jones” vs. “Arrow” There has always been a war between DC and Marvel fans. There are some people who...

Too many superhero movies, film companies over doing it

DC and Marvel are well known big rivals in the entertainment industry. And beginning this year, the rivals will be releasing super hero movie...
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