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Why walk when you can dance?

Did you know dance is the only thing that spontaneously activates the neurons in your brain? Or that dancers are known to be disciplined, focused...

Wonders in clay: Horton Gallery opens first show of school year

Aug. 25 marked the beginning of the 2016-2017 exhibition season at the L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery. The Horton Gallery is a visual arts exhibition program...

ASDC food bank looking for new student distributers

On Sept. 9, the Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) will host a training event for those who would like to participate in distributing...

City council, supervisor candidates voice positions

There’s more to elections than selecting the next president of the United States. Local city council and county supervisor elections will impact individuals far more...

College students simulate senate debate

University of the Pacific hosted a mock debate featuring local forensics students Monday, April 26 at the Janet Leigh Theatre just before the U.S....

Local coffee house offers students late-nights study spot

With the semester quickly coming to an end, do you have somewhere to sit down and hit the books? Delta College students are getting ready...

Mustang Voice: ‘What do you want from your commencement speaker...

"Academically accepted, well rounded person who participated in campus and off campus activities such as sports, and club a confident person who is enthusiastic...

MUSTANG VOICE: “How to stay with schoool post spring break?

"I’m have time for reflection to focus on what I need to do and start to like care about getting a job and try...

Coach in spotlight after incident in off-campus job

In August, Edison High School Physical Education teacher Denny Peterson was caught on cell phone video attempting to drag 14-year old student into the...

Water polo teams prepare for season

Coming from high school to play college sports may sound easy, but it’s not. A great example is the Delta College men and women water...

Surfer bums, babes and beatniks part of campus Shakespeare aesthetic overhaul

A Shakespeare production begins today at Delta College, with the debut of “As You Like It.” Shakespeare’s works have lasted throughout the centuries thanks to...

Clubs focusing on members

At around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, tables started going up at the center of Delta College in the quad, signaling the beginning of Club Rush week. Each semester Delta College hosts Club Rush week, a gathering of about thirty clubs looking for new members. This semester Club Rush took place during Sept. 4-7.

Delta considers 2013 summer session cut

Budget cuts are planned to continue in November, resulting in summer session being eliminated for the 2013 year as a result of the Governor's "May revise."

Delta to compete for Community College Excellence prize

The Aspen Institute has named Delta College as one of the nation’s 120 best community colleges, and is challenging the school to compete for the $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.

What does it take to become a student-athlete?

There has been a stereotype thrown about that getting into college via the sports program is a free meal, an easy ticket. That one is getting a paid for education not on academic merit but on how hard they can throw a ball, how quick they are or how strong they are. It’s true that colleges look for those with exceptional athletic prowess, but it is a foolish misconception to think it makes college easy for them.

Students drum away stress

One of the last College Hours of the semester brought many students together to release their stress for finals by dancing and playing to the beat of the drums.

Partial student government election results in

Partial results are in for the Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) elections, which concluded May 4. Two-hundred thirty students in total voted in the election. Write-in results from the election are to be released next week.

Student Senate supports scholarship

Many students have heard of the student government. Many students know that the student government is at every college level and at almost every school. Few students know of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). This organization is one step above community college student governments.

Campus police remain vigilant after reports

Delta College police remain on guard following two recent sexual assaults, responding earlier this week to calls from women who felt they were being harassed by men who resembled the physical description of the previous suspect.
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