Mustang Q&A with Rich Ressa


Rich Ressa, head coach of the Mustangs men’s basketball team, gives his thoughts to John Wallace of “The Collegian” staff on the team and how the season is progressing up to this point

Q: Can you try and give a quick summary of the season so far?

A: “We started off slow, (we) really had a lot of new faces and new people that are new to the program but were coming together and we’re doing really well. We’re playing our best basketball at the right time of the season.”

Q: What do you think is your team’s biggest strength?

A: “I think we’re playing well as a team. We’re understanding our roles well and really making a point of playing our roles to the best of our abilities.”

Q: What’s area has your team improved the most on?

A: “I think that’s (playing as a team) what were getting better at. We are feeling each other out. Like I said, we have a lot of new faces that need to understand how to play together and what exactly we want as far as what’s expected for Delta basketball.”

Q: Who would be your MVP at this point for the season? Not just on the court but the player you can always count on and is a good example for the rest of the players.

A: “Well our team captain is Richard Perry who does a great job at making sure the rest of our guys know exactly what’s expected of them.”

Q: Finally, what is your final goal for the rest of the season?

A: “Well, our final goal is to play the absolute best we can every game. We can control what we can control and then whatever happens at the end of the season will happen at the end of the season.”