Remodeled parking lot creates traffic concern


A packed parking lot is not the sight anyone wants to see when running late for class.

media credit: Charnae Davenport

Delta College parking lots fill instantly each new semester. Recently, with the closure of the Cunningham 5 and 6 lots for construction, as well as the redesign of the Shima lots has made parking more confusing than needed.

The Shima 1 and 2 lots were joined when the berm in between the lots was removed last summer semester.

The lots have not been renamed, they still remain Shima 1 and 2 lots. The added parking has made for more traffic in the lots.

“There have been approximately 8 accidents in the Shima 1 and 2 lots, three of which have had reports taken,” said Sgt. Di Piero, of District Police.

“Sometimes I am scared to drive in the parking lot,” said student Valerie Scott, 18,  “It is because of the layout and the fact that there are a lot of blind spots entering and exiting the lots.”

“The parking lot needs more restrictions for student safety. Drivers need to be more aware of pedestrians,” said ASBG President, Patrice Burke, 45. “The campus needs to work together with the Health and Safety Committee to make the lots safer for students.”

Campus Police has barricaded the west entrance to Shima 2 lot until the traffic flow slows down, “When drivers entered the west entrance of Shima 2 lot, they only slow to make the turn and then maintain approximately 15 mph, when the parking lot speed limit is 10 mph.” Sergeant Di Piero stated. The combination of the lots is a welcome sight to the south entrance of the Shima 1 lot. The extra parking helps students as well, and the added handicap parking is more available.

The “runway” as Sergeant Di Piero calls it, creates a speedway for drivers. Students, Faculty and District Police officers have had close calls. The District Police are working on the issue.